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      优质  高效    
      优质的客户服务 高效的办事效率
      我们专注品质与服务   决胜制高点  细节决定成败
      Runoff commanding heights Detail decides success or failure
      The commanding heights of
      the details determine success or failure
      ABOUT US







      Founded in Jan. 2006, the former Suzhou Suzhou Hangzhou Experimental Animal Equipment Factory was jointly established by Suzhou Medical College and Zhejiang Provincial Academy of Medical Sciences in March 1993, specializing in the production of experimental animal cages for mice, rabbits, dogs and monkeys,  IVC, isolator and other experimental animal cages.

      In Sep. 2006, the company was identified as a high-tech enterprise.It has introduced advanced processing equipment such as CNC laser cutting machine, CNC turret punch press and bending machine, and set up precision sheet metal processing center and engineering technology research and development center.

      In Jan. 2013, Jiangsu Provincial Engineering and Technology Research Center for Animal Experimental Instruments and equipment was established, focusing on the research and development of animal experimental instruments and equipment.

      In Jul. 2016,  it undertook the national key RESEARCH and development plan -- the research and development project of biosafety primary barrier key equipment.Focus on the research of high grade pathogenic microorganism P3/P4 laboratory biosafety protection technology and products.

      In Jan.2019, passed the certification of ISO14001, IS045001 and ISO9001 management systems.

      In May 2020, the company was awarded as a service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise in Suzhou.

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