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Attention Ownwers
Attention Owners

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Rental Policies

A reservation confirmation will be emailed after the reservation is accepted.  Details regarding pets, check in, check out and additional rules specific to that cottage shall be documented on the confirmation, along with the dates, rental fees, additional fees and taxes.   The guest will need to send in a signed copy of the confirmation along with a copy of our rental agreement within one week of booking.  Please review both the confirmation and rental agreement prior to signing.

All properties are non-smoking and pets are allowed only if indicated in the reservation confirmation.

An advanced rent payment is due at the time of booking with the balance due 45 days prior to the rental period.  Most properties also require a security deposit.

There is a 20% cancellation fee for any cancellation prior to 46 days before the rental period.   Within the rental period, refunds will only be made if the unit can be re-rented.  Please refer to the rental agreement for details on this and other policies.





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